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Louisville offense can't find rhythm, Cards fall in Pitt 20-3

Well, at least Bilal Powell didn't get injured. Oh, right.

I read this morning that Powell de-planed in Louisville with the aid of crutches. Take that with a grain of "blog." With or without Bilal, this is a team that desperately needs to find its rhythm again after an offensive horror show in Pittsburgh this weekend.

This wasn't totally unexpected. We are who we thought we would be, right? Well, sort of. Many thought our defense would be the problem this season. Not against Pitt. 13 points allowed should've been enough (can't blame the defense for the post-Froman fumble touchdown).

Yes, Pitt played conservative in the 4th quarter but our defense has stepped it up late in games all season and looked up to the challenge on Saturday had the offense been worthy. Particularly Brandon Heath, who unleashed three quarters of frustration with a big hit on Ray Graham early in the 4th quarter. Heath had 4 1/2 tackles in the 4th quarter alone.

Is it time for a change at the quarterback position? I think we probably saw the answer on Burke's first throw. Granted, it's an unfairly snap judgment but I don't think there's an upgrade to be had at quarterback this year. All have weaknesses and the Sausage King should be allowed one bad game after putting together a pretty damn good season so far.

It's unfortunate timing that Froman's clunker happened the same game Vic is hurt and Powell gets injured. And Bellamy was apparently wearing his ghost costume a night early--where was #1 hiding? And why did our tight end, Emo-Cam Graham have twice as many tackles as receptions? Sanford's offense was painfully out-of-sync.

Helmet Stickers: Defense (Hakeem Smith gets 2)

Nightmare: Special Teams, Offense, Preparation/Coaching (Charlie Strong doesn't read this blog, right?)

On to New York next weekend, where Syracuse has their fans asking "Are we back?"--and rightfully so. Syracuse--motherfreaking Syracuse--now comfortably joins Pitt in the driver's seat to win our watered-down football conference and play in a BCS Bowl game. The Orange Bowl? Yeah, that could actually happen.

We need a Big East road win. Bad.