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On texting and game-viewing

Today we're supposed to talk about technology and how it's changed our game day experience. Honestly, I run a blog but am still one of the least tech-savvy people I know (pink phone).

I guess the biggest change in the way I view games now as opposed to when I was younger (aside from things like following the game thread on here) is the fact that I can communicate instantly with friends via text.

I have some funny friends, some vulgar friends and some really stupid friends. With this in mind, I've gone through my phone and picked out the ten best friend texts from the last three games (as far back as the history goes).

Several of these are cleaned up a bit:

1. Bilal or Preston? Pick one. Right now.

2. 99% sure J-Bone beats his dog.

3. (In reference to the crowd doing the "CARDS. FIRST. DOWN." on a 3rd and 6) That pretty much just confirmed all of the worst things I think about our football fan base.

4. Would you start for Memphis? Because I'd start for Memphis.

5. Second language warning of the season from the woman in front of mom is so pissed.

6. Pants check?

7. Barnum & Bellamy? Damnit I'm drunk.

8. If Beaumont scored and they didn't play Teach Me How to Dougie, I think I'd literally walk out.

9. I've thought Bobby Burns was Bobby Buchanan for the entire season.

10. Charlie Strong could have me (there have been multiple variations).