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Is Louisville in trouble with the NCAA because of scrimmage?

News broke yesterday that former players Wayne Turner, Perry Stevenson and Mark Krebs would not be allowed to participate Kentucky's Blue-White scrimmage (which drew just 10,000 fans...a point I make against the wishes of my Email inbox), because it would violate an NCAA rule.

The reason this is news to us is that Louisville had already used former player Perrin (PERRIN!) Johnson in their Red/White scrimmage last Sunday.

So what happens now? It's been explained to me that a program is permitted to use former players in a scrimmage, but that doing so turns the scrimmage into an exhibition game. So basically, the worst case scenario here is that U of L will have to cancel its exhibition game against either Northern Kentucky (this Sunday) or Kentucky Wesleyan (11/11).

Of course the NCAA is probably thinking that they gave us a "break" with the whole Dieng thing (rhyme...kind of), so we'll probably have to give up the '86 championship.

Also, I miss the Perrin Call.

UPDATE: The consensus in the comments is that because it was only one player, Louisville did not violate any rule. Apparently we checked with the NCAA beforehand. So to answer the title question...No.

Rest easy, K-Dub Panthers.