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Jeff Goodman keeps digging

This is the earliest I've ever seen anyone posture for a better seed in the Least Cool Person Tournament.

Here's what the welcher tweeted earlier today:

It's truly sad when Louisville fans are celebrating the eligibility of Gorgui Dieng. It's Gorgui Dieng. Then again, Pitino needs bodies.

And then this:

Louisville fans: I am happy for Gorgui Dieng; just meant that it's sad what it's come to that fans are celebrating as if it's a superstar.

First-off, Dieng will likely be a contributor right off the bat and has the potential to be an All-Big East player at some point down the road. Second, he is - by all accounts - a great kid who was hit with a stunning piece of bad, and unjust, news almost right when he arrived on campus. Thus, the kid being righted deserves a fairly high-degree of celebration. Third, YOU OWE ME A MOTHER F---ING PRIZE.