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Injury report for Cincinnati game

Vic is out and Doug is questionable. Also, I have no idea who Maurice Evans is. It doesn't help that his name isn't accompanied by a position. My guess is they're referring to Mike Evans, which would likely mean even more Darius Ashley tomorrow night.

Blayne Donnell's "probable" status all but guarantees the first meaningful carries of Jeremy Wright's college career.

Victor Anderson, RB Upper Extremity
Tyon Dixon, LB Head
Kamal Hogan, RB Head
Kamran Joyer, OG Lower Extremity
Doug Beaumont, WR Lower Extremity
Damian Copeland, WR Lower Extremity
Maurice Evans  Lower Extremity
Zed Evans, RB Lower Extremity
Mario Benevides, C Lower Extremity
Josh Byron, OL Lower Extremity
Blayne Donnell, RB Lower Extremity
Brandon Heath, LB Upper Extremity
Out For Season
Stephon Ball, TE Knee
Anthony Conner, CB Knee
Joe Evinger, OL Back