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Charlie Strong speaks, dares you to interrupt


--Bilal Powell is really good.

--A few of the players voiced some concern over the empty seats in the stadium. Strong doesn't understand since it was a perfect day and we were playing a traditional rival.

--We need everyone to do their jobs on Friday night if we want to beat the two-time defending league champs, and that includes the crowd.

--Friday night is a big game because the team worked hard and did the things necessary to make it a big game. If we hadn't played well over the last three weeks then no one would be this excited about Friday.

--Doug Beaumont wants to be on the field more than anyone wants him to be on the field, and he's doing everything possible to make that happen. Not sure whether or not he'll be available for any action on Friday.

--Cincinnati might be 2-3, but they have a lot of players back from those championship teams.