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Time to help out one of our own

Scott Beard, better known around these parts as Red Reign, is a finalist in ESPN's "The Ultimate College Football Fan" contest.

Here's Scott's story:

Over the past month or two, ESPN has been advertising and allowing entries to be entered into the Ultimate College Football Fan Contest, and this past week, ESPN went through each individual entry and judged on a 100 point scale for five categories: (1) Entertainment Value: 0-20 points; 2) Originality: 0-20 points, 3) How far you have gone to support your team: 0-20 points. 4) Commitment to your team: 0-20 points. 5) Knowledge of your team: 0-20 points.

After ESPN judge, I was selected as one of the four finalists to appear on at which point the voting would be turned over to the viewers.

On Monday, September 27 at 12:00Pm, the voting will begin for each finalist. Each registered ESPN member may vote once per day up until the end of voting, which is October 22. The finalist receiving the most votes after the month long peer voting period will be named the Ultimate College Football Fan and will receive 2 tickets to their team's bowl game or bowl game of their choice, they will also have the opportunity to tour ESPN and possibly be used on some of ESPN's TV shows and commercials.

To access the website and vote:

Go to and either log in to your ESPN account or register for a free ESPN account at the top right corner of the website.

Once you have registered or logged in, type in "STUBHUB" in the search and you will be directed to the voting page.

If you can't access the voting page, go to and type in "Ultimate College Football Fan Contest."

Not only will I have a chance to win but you will too if you vote. StubHub is giving away (5) $250 Gift Certificates to random voters at the end of the contest. So not only will you be supporting your fellow fan and your school but you will also have a chance to win.

To enter the contest I submitted the photo attached "Red Reign_StubHub" and a story to introduce myself. Below you will find that story as it was written and should appear on's website:


"Who is the ultimate college football fan? Is he the man whohas showed up half-naked, painted head to toe, to every football game despitetorrential rain and frigid wind in the cold of late-November? Is he the man who stands up and rallies thefans despite the win-loss record and despite the numbers on the scoreboard? Ishe the man who has been featured on Jumbotrons, news stories, season-endingvideos, ESPN fan shots, and StubHub commercials screaming out his team’s name?Is he the man who has been named the most spirited at his school and has beenimplemented into school postcards and recruiting media? Is he the face of hisschool? Is he the face of his team? Is he known by another name, a name only usedon Saturdays? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then you havefound the ultimate college football fan. So ask again. Who is the ultimatecollege football fan?

I am. I am Red Reign."

Some background on me:

I have been painting up for UofL football and basketball games since I arrived on campus back in August of 2007. I have been named Most Spirited at UofL (3 times from pep rallies and ticket swaps) and have been featured on the UofL website and used for a recruiting postcard for incoming freshmam. I have been photographed and interviewed 100's of times and been featured on StubHub commericals as well as opening videos for the actual football team. I even have my own alias when it comes to painting up: Red Reign. To put it simply if you go to football games, you have probably seen me or know who I am.

Go Cards!


Let's bring this home for Scott.