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Blackshear's Louisville commitment now "soft"

Michael O'Brien of the Chicago Sun Times:

Sources close to Blackshear have let other schools know that his commitment is "soft," a term popular in football recruiting that means he’s still considering other schools.

One school high on that list is Illinois. There were several Division I assistant coaches in the stands at Simeon on Wednesday, including one from Illinois. It’s very likely that many were there to see Simeon frosh Jabari Parker, but you can bet the door Blackshear’s people have cracked open was a factor in their attendance as well.

"It’s always seemed that football recruiting was more vulgar," recruiting analyst Joe Henricksen said. "The times have certainly changed."

Not really what any of us want to hear, but I don't think anyone who follows recruiting from even the furthest of distances could honestly feign shock at a story like this.

The kid's 17. He's got a year and-a-half left of high school left. Who among us wouldn't want to soak up as much attention as possible at that age?

The best policy at this point is to not get too excited about any kid committing to your school who isn't about to graduate.