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A recap of the end of today's game

Louisville leads by a point with less than 25 seconds to play as Joe Mazzulla drives toward the basket. Mazzulla is accidentally tripped by Rock Buckles and the ball goes off of his head and out-of-bounds. No foul is called on Buckles, and the ball is awarded back to West Virginia.

Devin Ebanks sinks a jumper to put the Mountaineers up one.

On the other end, Reggie Delk attempts a three-pointer from the corner and is knocked to the ground. In a game where 46 fouls were called and the home team shot 35 free-throws, no whistle was blown. Delk's shot bounces off the rim and appears to be knocked out-of-bounds by West Virginia's Ebanks. The ball is not awarded to Louisville right away, however, because referee Mike Kitts was ducking to (apparently) avoid potentially being hit with the ball instead of watching the action of the floor, a move which goes against every training basketball officials on any level receive.

Instead of deferring to the possession arrow (which belonged to Louisville), the officials head to the scorer's table to review the play, blatantly disregarding the officials' rule book.

Rule 7, Section 3, article 1, section b

Section 3. Ball Touched Simultaneously/Officials’ Doubt

Art. 1. Play shall be resumed by use of the alternating-possession arrow when the ball goes out of bounds and:
a. Was last touched simultaneously by two opponents, both of whom are in bounds or out of bounds.
b. When the officials are in doubt as to who last touched the ball

The officials review the tape and somehow find conclusive evidence that the ball was last touched by a Louisville player. West Virginia makes two free-throws and the Cardinals miss a three-point attempt at the buzzer.

Another Louisville collapse in a game it desperately needed, another egregious error(s) by an officiating crew with the game on the line; it's all just a little too much to process right now. 

This is the most upset I can remember being after a game in a long, long time.