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Doppelganger week

It's the end of "Doppelganger Week" and I was wondering how we could embarass the team and give our rivals some blackmail photos. Well, had the answer. Celebrity look-a-likes. I fed the program the UofL website's roster photo and then took the highest scoring match (that was actually a celebrity and not a saturday morning children's tv star). The resemblances are uncanny.

Next installment: Big East coaches

 Pitino_medium  Ricky P = Kim Dae-jung Pitinoil_medium Rick would run South Korea with an iron fist.

Jerry_smith_medium     Jerry = His Airness      Jerryjordan_medium    Keep dreaming Jerry. 
Swopshire_medium  Swop = Jane Mansfield Swopshiremansfield_medium  I give you future sex icon Jared Swopshire.

Jennings_medium  Jennings = Apollo OnoJenningsono_medium (Sorry TJ)

Kuric_medium     Kuric = Swayze?          Swayze_medium   Yessssss....
Delk_medium       Delk = Magic            Magic_medium Pack on another 100 lbs and get a crappy talk show Delk
Sosa_medium    Sosa = Jamie Foxx      Foxx_medium    Creepy
 Knowles_medium Preston = Sugar Ray    Sugarray_medium   Umm......This may be Preston's new nickname

  Siva_medium Peyton Siva = Xzibit         Xhibit_medium   Ouch

Samardo_medium  Samardo = Jamie FoxxSamardofoxx_medium  Apparently even I look like Jamie Foxx according to this website.



And just for the hell of it.......

Huggybear_medium HuggyBear =   gulp........Steven Seagal? Segal_medium   We're in trouble.