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The first half...


So I was watching a UFC fight yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, a basketball game broke out.  My quick thoughts on the first half (more to come from Mr. CC himself):


Cardinalbird_medium Good and bad stat of the half:  John Wall: 3 points.  UofL: 19

Cardinalbird_medium Holy blown layups people. How many points did we leave on the court from inside 3 feet? I can't really name one player that played well in the first half.

Cardinalbird_medium 1-19 shooting to start it out doesn't look good on paper and looks even worse on TV.  Also, zero (that's a 0 with no numbers in front of it) assists in the first half may have contributed to the first statistic.

Cardinalbird_medium  The defense held UK to 27 points at the half. I expected this to be an offensive shootout from the start, but it was quite the opposite. I didn't see the dribble drive motion executed even once in the first half.

Cardinalbird_medium Swop was physically overmatched: the heart and hustle were there but the statistics say otherwise.

Cardinalbird_medium  Once both teams finally settled down, UofL basically played them even the rest of the game. The senior leadership finally bubbled to the surface. Sosa and Jerry were calming figures toward the end of the first half, and their hustle helped create some turnovers as well.

Cardinalbird_medium  This is the first and last time we get to play Wall and Cousins. No time for revenge. Get your revenge on the Big East boys.

Cardinalbird_medium I think I contracted strep throat from watching the game. I may be on an extended Xmas break.