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What to watch: 1/19/10

I've missed these posts, which occasionally evolve into pseudo open threads, so I'm bringing them back. 


Tennessee at Alabama (7 p.m./ESPN)

How 'bout that Nick Saban?

Clemson at Georgia Tech (7 p.m./ESPN2)

Two very good teams in a game that will go a long way in determining seeding for both the ACC and NCAA Tournaments. 

George Mason at Hofstra (7 p.m./ESPNU)

Did you know that George Mason actually went to the Final Four once? Use that one and school tomorrow and enjoy your new girlfriend. 

Northwestern at Ohio State (7 p.m./Big Ten Network)

A pretty big game for both teams. Northwestern's trying to prove they can be a top five team in this league while the Buckeyes want to show they can be the class of the conference with a completely healthy Evan Turner

Oklahoma at Texas A&M (8 p.m./MASN/ESPN FullCourt)

A&M is looking to salvage one victory from the dreaded Texas/Kansas State/Oklahoma trifecta.

Purdue at Illinois (9 p.m./ESPN)

All of the sudden Illinois is second in the Big Ten and Purdue is riding a three-game losing streak.

Northern Iowa at Wichita State (9 p.m./ESPNU)

The Panthers are the best mid-major in the country, but they fall this evening.

Boston College at Miami (9 p.m./FS South)

BC topped the U by a point on Dec. 6.

San Diego State at Utah (10 p.m./The Mountain)

Name a player on either team without Googling and you can post whatever you want on the site tomorrow.