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Georgia quarterback shifts commit from Florida to Louisville

That's right. A quarterback who was headed to Florida changed his mind and has instead chosen to play football for Louisville.

Go ahead and soak this one up:

"If Louisville would have never been in the mix, I would have probably went to Florida," Smith said. "But I'm glad Louisville came into the mix. I like Coach Strong a lot, and I really wanted to play for Coach Strong."

I think it was about this time last year when we were hearing, "if Western New Hampshire would have never been in the mix, I probably would have went to Louisville."

This is better. 

Oh, and four-star Miami offensive lineman Torrian Wilson also committed to Louisville yesterday. He's rated by Rivals as the No. 2 offensive guard in the country.

I'm already pumped to read the plethora of "Strong looks to put Louisville back in national spotlight" preseason stories that will be written this summer.