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The horror...the god the whistles.....

So, that happened.  More tomorrow, but until then, I hate being right.  Gotta give props to Scottie Reynolds.  36 points, 9-10 from the field, 5-5 from three point land, 13-17 from the FT line, scored Nova's last 16 points, and hypnotized the refs into thinking he was Michael Jordan.  

Those refs were terrible, especially after Wright's technical.  Siva's fifth foul was the pivotal and game-turning call - a clean steal, Siva on the break down 4 v. Reynolds at the line and Siva fouled out.  Huge. 

And finally, the three pointers.  7-33 is just not going to get it done, although we had 2 open looks down 3, Swopshire had a good one but Knowles rushed his and Jerry Smith was so open he was making a sandwich. 

What a game.  I don't mind a loss like that so much (even though we were up 17) because I doubt another guy shoots as well as Reynolds against us.  Without that, we even have a shot to win despite shooting 7-33 from 3.  

Bad: melting under Nova's pressure in the 2nd half when they took the lead on a couple straight turnovers/layups. 

Bad: Wright adjusting and easily beating the press in the second half. 

Good: After 5 years, I FINALLY caught a t-shirt for my wife at a basketball game.  

Can't wait to see AnVillen's highlights - maybe he'll put together a special "spot the foul on Reynolds" Zapruder film.