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For your Saturday viewing pleasure

It gives me so much joy to be posting these again.

Games of interest have been bolded.

Akron at Penn State, 12 pm, BTN
Liberty at West Virginia, 12 pm, Big East Network GamePlan 788
Kentucky at Miami University, 12 pm ESPNU
Minnesota at Syracuse, 12 pm ESPN2
Montana State at Michigan State 12 pm, BTN
Navy at Ohio State, 12 pm, ESPN
Northern Iowa at Iowa, 12 pm, BTN
Toledo at Purdue, 12 pm, BTN
Towson at Northwestern, 12 pm, BTN
Western Kentucky at Tennessee, 12 pm GamePlan 789
Jacksonville State at Georgia Tech, 1 pm, ESPN 360
Northeastern at Boston College, 2 pm, ESPN 360
Baylor at Wake Forest, 3:30 pm, ABC/ESPN2/ESPN GamePlan 791
Georgia at Oklahoma State, 3:30 pm, ABC GamePlan 790
Illinois vs. Missouri (St. Louis), 3:30, ESPN
Jackson State at Mississippi State, 3L30 ESPNU
Nevada at Notre Dame, 3:30 NBC
San Jose State at USC, 3:30 pm, FSN
Western Michigan at Michigan, 3:30 pm ABC/ESPN2 GamePlan 209
Middle Tennessee at Clemson, 6 pm, ESPN 360
The Citadel at North Carolina, 6 pm, ESPN 360
William & Mary at Virginia, 6 pm, ESPN 360
BYU vs. Oklahoma, 7 pm, ESPN
Charleston Southern at Florida, 7 pm GamePlan 788
Louisiana Tech at Auburn, 7 pm ESPNU
Missouri State at Arkansas, 7 pm GamePlan 789
Northern Illinois at Wisconsin, 7 pm, BTN
Wofford at South Florida, 7 pm GamePlan 790
Indiana State at Louisville, 7:30 pm GamePlan 792
Western Carolina at Vanderbilt, 7:30 pm GamePlan 791
Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (Atlanta), 8 pm, ABC
Buffalo at UTEP, 8 pm, CBSC
Idaho at New Mexico State, 8 pm GamePlan 793
Maryland at California, 10 pm, ESPN2
LSU at Washington, 10:30 pm, ESPN