C-J making changes with sports content

It was always a matter of when not if as far as the Courier-Journal making significant changes to the availability of its online sports content goes. I thought the logical step would be to make online users buy a subscription for some or all of the stories, but instead it appears the C-J is going to make local sports fans wait a day to read the full thoughts of Rick Bozich and Eric Crawford if they no longer subscribe to the publication in print.

It seems to me that making the stories with quotes and "inside" takes from the locker room the "premium content" would be the better play here. Bozich and Crawford are both great writers with sports IQ's that soar above the average fan, but is anyone really going to pay for a full subscription because they have to wait a day to get one of these two's take on another Louisville loss?

Informed or at least entertaining opinions are available for free everywhere now, making them far less valuable than a quote from a postgame interview or an official word on a speculated injury. I expect the C-J will figure this out relatively soon.