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13 thoughts on the Utah game

1. I'd love to spout off about how this team hasn't played a game in conference and how the Big East is wide open like I have in each of the past two seasons, but I just can't bring myself to do it. This team is who we thought they were and this season is going to play out in the manner most of us figured it would.

I'm looking forward to Friday as an event, looking forward to heading to the stadium after work and eating and drinking with some friends equally decked out in black Cards gear, but I feel less excitement about actually watching the game than I can ever remember. I sincerely hope that changes at some point over the next four days, but right now I feel nothing and it sucks.

2. Say what you will about possible positives to take away, about the team showing signs of improvement, about Utah being a legit top 25 opponent; Saturday was another Kragtastrophe.

The team looked as energized and ready to play as they did against Kentucky and got off to perhaps the best start in the Kragthorpe era, but then Ryan Payne's short field goal attempt was blocked and apparently this was cause to morph back into the Cardinals we've seen since the Middle Tennessee State game in Sept. of 07.

Saturday's top five Kragtastic moments in order of Kragtasticness:

1) Kicking the extra point down ten with eight minutes to go

2) Being penalized for having too many players in the backfield on a punt

3) Being penalized for a delay of game - sideline interference? - on defense

4) The quarterback and running back bumping into each other in the backfield multiple times

5) The insane Krag-esque awkwardness of both of our touchdowns

3. I'm not sure what the deal with Trent Guy was, but if Krag benched him against Guy's will after that first quarter fumble then I think he made a huge mistake.

I liked the call to get the ball in his hands and try to restore some confidence, and yes, Trent made a major mistake by not carrying the ball with his outside arm, but you still can't bench the biggest playmaker on the team, not when you're facing a squad that appears to have you outmatched at most positions.

4. The left side of our offensive line is being manhandled week in and week out. Not going to get into specifics again, but there needs to be a shakeup.

5. The way Chris Campa levels people with just his shoulder invokes images of Dean Portman. He's easily the scariest player on our team and I love that he's seeing the field more.

6. I still have a crush on Douggie, but he needs new gloves or something.

7. Scott Long is so good and I feel awful for him.

8. Utah is good but they're not nearly that good.

9. Cory Goettsche has been tremendous from the last half of the '08 season through now. If only the rest of our players could make similar strides throughout their careers.

10. Bilal Powell isn't getting a lot of blocking, but he also looks like he's definitely lost a step.

11. Justin Burke reverted a little to Indiana State form, but the kid leaves his heart on the field and you know he's going to give maximum effort every day for the next couple of months. Guys like Burke are the reason it's worth it to show up.

12. Someone needs to take a serious look at CBS College Sports' hiring practices.

13. Lots and lots of new faces, but really the product on the field has been pretty much the same for three years. It's definitely cause for apathy.

See you Friday. Wear black...I guess.