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Louisville/Utah Q & A with Block U

Sean of the fantastic SBN Utah blog Block U was nice enough to stop by, return season 1 of True Blood, offer up some generous praise for what we've done with our right sidebar and answer a few questions pertaining to tomorrow night's game. Enjoy.

Card Chronicle: You all just saw the nation's longest winning streak come to an end a week ago...How's everybody doing?

Block U: Surprisingly well. I think most Ute fans had already conceded they were going to lose a game this season. It's tough, obviously, but it didn't nearly feel like when they lost their last nation-leading winning streak in 2005. That was a kick to the crotch. This was more a slug to the arm.

CC: This year's squad features a lot of the same players who guided the team to an undefeated season a season ago, but the Utes have been fairly unimpressive through three weeks. What's the biggest difference between Utah in '09 and Utah in '08.

BU: Most certainly the offense. You can't really downplay the importance of a senior quarterback and Brian Johnson lived up to every aspect of what you'd expect from one. Replacing him was not going to be easy and that's pretty much what we're seeing right now. Utah's current quarterback, Terrance Cain, doesn't appear to be bad, but he still has a lot of growth left before he reaches Johnson's status.

CC: Running back Matt Asiata was out when Louisville hosted the Utes two years ago. How good is he?

BU: He's good. Matt Asiata was a big reason the Utes were successful in 2008, even though he split time with Darrell Mack, who graduated. Unfortunately, he was injured against San Jose State and though he played against the Ducks last week, he certainly wasn't at the level we need him to be if Utah is going to have a successful season.

CC: Do you own a piece of "Utah Utes: 2008 National Champions" clothing, and if you do, how often do you bust it out?

BU: No. I don't think I ever will. Even though Utah's argument for a championship is legitimate, the fact is, they're not champions (Ed. Note: If the shoe were on the other foot, I would never, ever be able to give an answer this mature). Now Sugar Bowl clothing on the other hand...

CC: Louisville's strength is its ground attack. How well does Utah defend against the run?

Well prior to Oregon, I think most Ute fans expected the run defense to be their biggest strength. But the Ducks really had their way with Utah's defense on the ground and so I really don't know what to expect. If they defend like they did Saturday, the Cardinals shouldn't have any problem moving the ball on the ground.

CC: The BCS in one word. Go:

Shit (Ed. Note: There we go)

CC: Talk a little bit about the atmosphere at Rice-Eccles Stadium. How much of a home field advantage is it?

Well the Utes have won 12-straight there, which I believe is the 2nd longest home winning streak in school history. Obviously this isn't The Swamp we're talking about, but the stadium can get loud and it's a pretty good atmosphere when filled.

CC: 11-1 season with a loss to BYU or 1-11 season with a win over BYU?

This really isn't up for question, I'd much rather go 11-1 and lose to BYU than go 1-11 and beat the Cougars. With that said, I take comfort in every BYU loss. Their epic fail against the Seminoles Saturday just may have been what got me through the ending of Utah's win streak.

CC: Saturday night prediction?

I predicted 42-28 on Block U. I still think Utah wins, but maybe I was being a bit too generous with the Utes. So we'll go 31-21, Utah.