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Three for your Wednesday morning

1. It has been confirmed that Shabaka Lands, the former high school assistant coach of top U of L recruit Marquis Teague, has been hired by Louisville under the title of "Special Assistant to the Coach."

There's nothing illegal about this, and strategically speaking it's probably a great move for a program that desperately needs a positive story and a big-time commitment, but that doesn't mean it isn't shady and kind of gross.

It's impossible to ignore that this stuff goes on just about everywhere, but it's the reason why I don't think I could ever be too cose to the game - regardless of how much it means to me - in any capacity. Just don't have the stomach for it. I'm too sweet for Rock and Roll.

If anyone else has a pertinent Almost Famous quote handy then by all means throw it out there. Apparently it's all we're doing here this week.

2. Eric Crawford lays out both his readers' and his own list of what it's going to take to satisfy the Cardinal fan base in year three of the Steve Kragthorpe era.

It's a fair, if not comprehensive, list, but I can't say I'm with Eric on his first requirement: "At least five wins, with no embarrassing losses."

Five wins shouldn't be enough to prolong the tenure of a head coach who hasn't tasted the postseason at a program which hadn't missed it in the nine years prior to his arrival. There's no telling what Tom Jurich's list looks like, or even if he has a list, but it should be bowl or bust for Kragthorpe in '09.

3. A very interesting story out of Fayetteville, where it appears the Brohm family was instrumental in convincing former Michigan quarterback Ryan Mallett to come to Arkansas and play for Bobby Petrino.

One name that kept coming up during her son's visit to Arkansas' campus was Brian Brohm, the former Louisville quarterback whom Petrino groomed. Mallett's mother jumped at a chance to find out more about Petrino.

"Debbie said, 'Well, can I talk to Brian Brohm's parents about his situation playing for you?'" Mallett's father said. "And coach Petrino was the one that gave us the phone number."

Debbie Mallett called Brohm's parents and the praise they had for Petrino sold her on the idea of her son playing for the Razorbacks. And it didn't take long for her son to decide that he wanted to come back to his home state and play for the school he had rooted for as a kid.

And speaking of Brohm (it should be three and-a-half for your Wednesday morning) it appears the biggest opportunity of his short NFL career may very well come tomorrow evening in the Packers' final preseason game.