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Game Day: Louisville at Kentucky


Game Time: Noon

Location: Commonwealth Stadium: Lexington, Ky.

Television: ESPNU

Favorite: Kentucky by 14

All-Time Series: Kentucky leads 12-9

Modern Series: Louisville leads 9-6

Complete Series History:

Date Site Winning team Losing team Series
1912-10-28  Lexington  Kentucky 41 Louisville 0 UK 1-0
1913-11-22 Louisville Kentucky 20 Louisville 0 UK 2-0
1914-11-14 Lexington Kentucky 42 Louisville 0 UK 3-0
1915-11-06 Louisville Kentucky 15 Louisville 0 UK 4-0
1922-10-14 Lexington Kentucky 63 Louisville 0 UK 5-0
1924-10-04 Lexington Kentucky 29 Louisville 0 UK 6-0
1994-09-03 Lexington Kentucky 20 Louisville 14 UK 7-0
1995-09-02 Lexington Louisville    13 Kentucky 10 UK 7-1
1996-08-31 Lexington Louisville 38 Kentucky     14 UK 7-2
1997-08-30 Lexington Kentucky 38 Louisville 24 UK 8-2
1998-09-05 Louisville Kentucky 68 Louisville 34 UK 9-2
1999-09-04 Lexington Louisville 56 Kentucky 28 UK 9-3
2000-09-02 Louisville Louisville 40 Kentucky 34 UK 9-4
2001-09-01 Lexington Louisville 36 Kentucky 10 UK 9-5
2002-09-01 Louisville Kentucky 22 Louisville (17) 17   UK 10-5  
2003-08-31 Lexington Louisville 40 Kentucky 24 UK 10-6
2004-09-04 Louisville Louisville 28 Kentucky 0 UK 10-7
2005-09-04 Lexington Louisville (12) 31 Kentucky 24 UK 10-8
2006-09-03 Louisville Louisville (13) 59 Kentucky 28 UK 10-9
 2007-09-15  Lexington Kentucky 40 Louisville (9) 34 UK 11-9
2008-08-31 Louisville Kentucky 27 Louisville 2 UK 12-9


Excitement Level: 8.8.

It's Kentucky. And it's the dreamer in me. Here's hoping this isn't where we top out.

Game Attire: Red Big East Tournament Champions shirt with Louisville hat

The Carmody jersey didn't work two years ago, the Orange Bowl shirt was worse last year, so let's chuck it in the endzone early with a basketball shirt.

Pregame Meal: Assorted snacks and finger foods prepared by beautiful women.

Bold Prediction: Kentucky turns the ball over more times than Louisville.

Rock Keys Playing Alert Level: Brown (If he does we're down by at least 70)

Predicted Star of the Game: Bilal Powell

It's impossible to fathom how badly I want to be right about this.


--The leading rusher on the victorious team has outrushed the entire losing squad in the last nine Battles for the Governor's Cup.

--Kentucky has never beaten Louisville three straight times since the renewal of the series in 1994. U of L owned a three-game winning streak from 1999-2001 and then beat Kentucky four straight times between 2003-2006.

--Since the renewal of the football series, Kentucky has never beaten Louisville in both football and basketball during the same season. The Cards topped the Cats on the hardwood and gridiron in 2003.

--Kentucky's non-conference winning steak of 15 is second best in the nation, trailing only LSU's streak of 20.


--"You have to live in a vacuum not to hear about it all year long in this state, any football fan. You hear it on the talk radio, you see it on the message boards, you see it just everywhere, and you see it when you're out in public. You get constantly reminded of which side of that equation you're on." --Rich Brooks

--"You ask any football player, they love going into an environment like that. There's no better sound than silencing a crowd. That's how this team thinks, and personally that's how I think." --Justin Burke

--"I'm pretty sure they're hearing about how we beat them the past two years, and how they beat us really bad my freshman year, and how they want to get back to getting the Governor's Cup back over there. Everyone's going to be ready." --Ricky Lumpkin

--"You hear about it a lot. In the state of Kentucky, most people are either a Louisville fan or a Kentucky fan, so it's a big game." --Micah Johnson

--"It's very important to me. I want to beat Kentucky. Every game you go into you want to win, but I think a game of this magnitude puts a little added flavor in it." --Steve Kragthorpe

--"I could finish my career with three straight over Louisville, and that's huge. That would carry on throughout my life, and I could tell my grandkids what we did to Louisville." --Alfonso Smith

--"At one point in time, I think, our fans didn't think we could beat Louisville." --Ricky Lumpkin

CC Prediction: Kentucky 28, Louisville 6