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Payne, Philpott to split kicking duties

We probably should have been able to call this one.

Put it on, C.L.: 

U of L head coach Steve Kragthorpe will keep using barefoot kicker Ryan Payne for field goals and extra point attempts, but starting Saturday against Kentucky Chris Philpott will take over kickoffs.

Philpott handled all kickoffs last season, but missed the opener against Indiana State for disciplinary reasons. U of L looks to improve its kickoff coverage as the Sycamores totaled 143 return yards. Payne failed to record a touchback in seven attempts and ISU had an average start at its 35 yard line.

Just wait a couple weeks until Dougherty and Payne are splitting the field goals and Philpott and Dougherty are sharing kickoff duty. It's gonna be carazy. Also, unnecessary.