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Rivalry Week Thursday links

I just had a friend sum up his feelings heading into the weekend like this: "It's like being divorced during the holidays and she's got full custody. Also your parents are dead."

I can't help it, I'm still excited. It must be the part of me (left testicle) that still believes in Santa.

--Spread check: Cats by 14.

--I haven't seen anyone outside of Dave Ragone step up and pick the Cards, a trend that ESPN's Brian Bennett didn't feel like breaking.

Kentucky 28, Louisville 14: I saw nothing in the preseason or from Louisville's first game that makes me think the Cardinals have enough firepower to win this rivalry contest. Unless they get some key turnovers or perhaps a special-teams score from Trent Guy, they're going to have a hard time moving the ball on Kentucky's defense. Make it three in a row for the Wildcats over Steve Kragthorpe.

--It's nice to know that with less than 48 hours to go until kickoff, U of L fan focus is right where it should be: who to blame for the program sucking.

--The UK athletics web site has a solid breakdown of Louisville that provides all the vital details you need to annoy your viewing party Saturday afternoon.

--John Clay's got video of a non-mustachioed Mike Hartline talking Louisville.

--KSR is embracing the Louisville hate all day. Some of it's kind of humorous. They're the Everybody Loves Raymond of collegiate fan bases.

--UK is beefing up security on Saturday.

Seriously, I just linked to those two paragraphs because there is nobody talking about this f---ing game.

--DawgSports thinks the game's a joke...and that Kentucky will win.

Louisville Cardinals at Kentucky Wildcats: These in-state rivals took a 70-year break from playing one another between 1924 and 1994. Really, wasn’t that for the best for all concerned? Honestly, it’s all right with the rest of us if both of these fan bases stop pretending they care about football. Still, if they insist upon playing this game (if only to distract themselves from Rick Pitino’s and John Calipari’s various ways of getting caught cheating), you should be forewarned that Kentucky is going to emerge victorious.

--Lastly, congrats to the women's volleyball team which knocked off the previously unbeaten Wildcats last night. The win was Louisville's ninth straight over Kentucky.