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You pick the open thread image for Saturday

While the real Eric Wood would undoubtedly provide a huge boost to the 2009 Louisville Cardinal football team, it was apparent about 15 minutes into the Indiana State game that Almost Snapping Eric Wood was not the answer.

Since this realization, I've spent approximately 273 hours tossing around possibilities for the Governor's Cup sacrificial lamb talisman. Go Cards Baby!, Gyrating Go Cards, Please God Let Us Win Baby were all internally debated but ultimately rejected. I then thought about taking the gamble of all gambles and having ADMM make a surprise appearance, but the widespread backlash I imagined (it involved a mob, sharp objects and me being able to see some of my insides) forced me to quickly dismiss the Hail Mary.

So with so much on the line, I'm doing what I always do when faced directly with a decision of great magnitude: pawn it off on someone else.

Post the image or a link to the image that you want to see lead us to an upset victory over UK on Saturday, and we'll make a community decision.

If your image is selected and Louisville beats Kentucky, you will be rewarded with a hard, drunken, pantsless hug at approximately 3:17 Sunday morning.

Choose wisely.