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As if the Louisville/Syracuse game needed more hype

Remember in 2006 when the fact that Louisville was hosting West Virginia on Nov. 2 was branded into every Cardinal fan's head by early June? And remember how everything fell into place and the contest ended up involving two unbeaten teams ranked in the top five?

Well it's starting to feel like deja vu all over again as we continue to inch closer and closer to...umm...sometime in October?...oh, November 14....when the Cards travel to Syracuse....the game's here? sure?....OK, that's right, the home winning streak-ending game was in '07....when the 'Cuse comes to The 'Ville and the two GET. IT. ON.

Seriously though, they're getting annoying and I'd like to beat them.

The latest douse of gasoline (hairspray) on the fire (lighter set on low) came today when Brandon Sharpe, who decommitted from Louisville during the recruiting process and ended up at Syracuse, made the following comments to the Post-Standard's Donnie Webb.

"I am so, so happy to be here," said Sharpe. "It was a blessing to be able to come here. I thank God every day for it. Once Syracuse came into the picture, I was so happy because Louisville's graduation rate is like 57 (percent) and Syracuse was 75. That's pretty high. It's a very good fit for me."

Sharpe also said he had to call Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe and break the news that he was the second Cardinals recruit to decommit and opt for Syracuse; defensive back Shamarko Thomas was the first.

"Once I took my visit, he was like, yeah, we already gave away your scholarship. Bye. He just said they had to keep on going. I had to keep going on, too."

Eat it, Syracuse and eat it, Brandon Sharpe. Unless of course you have a change of heart because apparently you're pretty good and we're a little thin on the D-Line.

If not, well then I guess we'll just see you on....the day you lose to us at home....I meant our home.