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Aug. 7: Card Chronicle looks back

I am a man who lives in the past. Every decision I make is based off of something that has happened to me before.

Eat at Taco Bell? Never. One time they gave me the wrong sauce. Walk up stairs? Please. Almost tripped on some when I was nine.

This coupled with the fact that there isn't a considerable amount going on today led me to undertake the following exercise in which we take a look at what was going on in the world of Card Chronicle on this day in years past.


I name Hunter Cantwell, Mozell Axson, Woodny Turenne, Doug Beaumont and the kicking tandem of Chris Philpott and Tim Dougherty as five players who will make or break the 2008 season.


Chris Philpott/Tim Dougherty, K

Knowing that, barring a turnover, you're guaranteed at least three points once the offense moves the ball inside the 30-yard line has been quite the luxury for the past four years. But that luxury is now a Shreveport-Bossier City BattleWing, and needs to be replaced by at least a power locks.

The battle between Philpott, a freshman, and Dougherty, a St. X product and Purdue transfer, will likely be decided initially within the next three weeks, but it will rage well into the season if the victor proves unworthy of passably filling Art Carmody's monstrous size 8 1/2's.

It's so easy to just dismiss kicking, a facet of the game which fits in about as well as jumping rope would in basketball, but anyone who thinks that U of L would have been as good as it was from 2004-2007 without Carmody wasn't paying much attention. Whoever wins the battle doesn't have to be automatic (or even knew it was coming...sorry), but if the drop-off is Schnelly to Cooper-esque, then it will end up costing us dearly.

Suffice it to say, the season does not get made.

We also celebrate the commitment of quarterback Emmanuel Yeager and the planned visit of running back David Oku, two players destined to leave a lasting mark on the Cardinal football program.


I do a post on William Gay's hit on Robert Meachem and use the words "gay" and "video" together in the headline, isntantly solidifying CC as a Google favorite.


We head back to "The Card Report" where we celebrate Eric Shelton fighting people at Panthers camp, Eric Crawford's first non-introductory column for the C-J and Ray Glier slamming West Virginia's weak schedule.

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