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Willie Williams arrested for burglary

He always knew how to say the right thing, just never figured out how to do it.

The tale of nomadic football talent Willie Williams took another dramatic turn last week, when the former No. 1 prep recruit was arrested for burglarizing a home of nearly $18,000 in cash and valuables, according to a police report.

Williams was arrested on the evening of Aug. 27 and charged with burglary and reckless driving by the Gwinnett County (Ga.) Police department. The arrest came after an acquaintance of Williams, Karen Postma, reported that her family’s Suwanee home had been robbed. Police subsequently identified Williams as a potential suspect.

According to an arrest report obtained by Yahoo! Sports, Williams was found with items from the home in both the trunk of his car and inside his Duluth hotel room. The penalty for burglary carries a sentence of 1-20 years on the first conviction, while reckless driving can carry a maximum sentence of one year. Both penalties vary based on prior criminal record.

The kid made himself a joke. What a waste.