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Depth Chart Updated: No QB, Some New Faces On Defense


UofL website has the updated Depth Chart. 

Of course this thing is probably going to change between now and next weekend when the season starts (that's weird to say?) but I think this is interesting....and I will tell you why.....after the jump


First and foremost, there is still no certain QB.  Apparently Froman has been a little dinged up and Burke has been getting a lot of the reps in practice (I read that somewhere official but can't find the link). (Link, h/t OhioVilleAlum) I think these two will split a lot of time, including the Indiana State game, and I would doubt we even have a certain starter for the UK game.  Both of those guys will end up playing a significant portion of the UK game, if I had to wager on it.

No real surprises on offense.  TE has three newcomers: Cam Graham, Steph Ball and Mike Fennerty (all TEs deserve shortened first names) and it looks like Byron Stingily has overtaken Jeff Adams at LT, which is interesting since Adams started last year and should be the most experienced returning lineman. 

On defense, it looks like LD Scott has been moved back to DT, which is good.  Surprised Savoy > Gnat although I imagine Gnat will still see plenty of time.  I hope they know what they are doing moving Dexter around, especially since he burned his RS season last year.

Terence Simien is someone I've never heard of, but here's hoping he really is better than Dan Covington (no offense man), and the CJ profile of Chaz Thompson from last week was promising.  Preston Pace has gotten about 1/10000th of the hype as the last JUCO CB to wear the #9 jersey, and I'd be willing to settle for an equal career.  I really wish the depth chart would reflect Heath's position as Rover, because that is a much more fun way to describe someone than "SLB."

Overall, nothing too surprising, and with so many newcomers, it is hard to really tell much about anything on defense until the games actually matter - beginning sometime around Week 3 in Lexington.

It's almost here.  I'm actually excited.   We haven't lost any games yet!