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Boogie McCray no longer a Cardinal


Coach Kragthorpe announced on Saturday that freshman RB Antonio "Boogie" McCray "will not have the opportunity to be part of our program." The freshman had only been on campus for a month. No further details have surfaced regarding the nature of his dismissal but rumor on the internets is that Boogie was frequently tardy to practice and disrespectful to the coaching staff. If that's true, where are the upperclassmen that should be hazing mentoring this guy? 

Some will scratch their heads at yet another member of The Departed for this program but it seems likely that Boogie forced Krag's hand on this one. If the kid was a 5 star talent, a'la Derrick Caracter, maybe he'd still be here. And that's not necessarily a good thing. 

Also of note, McCray and freshman LB Mike Privott were teammates in HS and good friends; lets hope Privott learns from the mistakes of his former teammate.