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Brett Favre: being a chotch since 1989

The race for top villain in sports has never been more heated, but with his latest and perhaps most irritating act of pomposity, Brett Favre has locked down the sports "guy you'd most like to see fall down in any possible scenario" title.

No one's done more damage to a once seemingly bulletproof career since Nic Cage.

Super Bowl XXXI, Leaving Las Vegas. Three MVPs, Adaptation. Wanting the entire Packers organization to wipe his ass, The Wicker Man. Coming out of retirement again to play for an NFC North team, Ghost Rider.

So when did it all start to go wrong for the most annoying figure in the world of sports? Way before the 17 retirements, the Wrangler jeans commercials and the toddlerian (word) lust for attention.

It started when he threw this pass:

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