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Adam Froman the apparent leader in the starting QB race

Several members of the local media attended an open, players-only workout today at PJCS, and most apparently left with the impression that Adam Froman was the front-runner in the ongoing starting quarterback race. The fact that the JuCo transfer was singled out by Fred Cowgill for a live, on-air interview would certainly support this.

Following the interview, Froman reportedly "challenged" Fred to name more than two projected starters on the defensive side of the ball. WLKY opted not to air the segment.

In all seriousness, it's very interesting to hear that a lot of players are looking at Froman as a leader. I still think if the offensive staff makes the decision to go with the Sausage King of Louisville, they need to do so as early in the summer as possible in order to fully implement the type of offense that is conducive to his skill set (one where he doesn't have to make very tough throws).



To me, it's obvious that waiting to see how each signal caller performs against Atherton Indiana State before taking the plunge and getting completely behind Froman or Burke or Stoudt would put us at an even more of a disadvantage against the boys in blue than we already are.

In the spirit of honesty, I haven't seen enough of any of these guys to have a merit-based favorite at this point, I'm just hoping we get a name by early-to-mid-August.