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Don't bet on it...

From BettorsWorld:

 Louisville Cardinals - Odds to win the Big East 15/1 - Coach Steve Kragthrope replaced six coaches after last year’s disastrous 5-7 overall and 1-6 Big East season. They ended the season with 5 consecutive losses, but will try to bring back some of the magic they saw in the 2006 season. That magic could start on offense. The Cardinals will be returning 9 starters, including RB Victor Anderson who racked up over 1,000 yards last year. North Carolina State transfer Justin Burke is the most likely to take over the QB duties. He saw limited action with the Wolf Pack in 2007. The defense was atrocious last year but should be markedly better this season. Experience can be the key with many things in life and that something the Cardinals defense finally has. Games at Kentucky and Utah early in the year will tell us all we need to know about the Cardinals. They won’t compete for the Big East title this year.

Syracuse coming in at 50:1

Cinci - 8:1

UConn - 8:1

Rutgers - 5:1

USF - 2.5:1

WVU - 2.5:1

Pitt - 2.5:1

They actually go on to pick Pitt as the dark horse, but I think the pick is based solely on the Wannstache's urgency to please a Pennsylvania crowd who has become ensconced (in velvet) in championships lately (NFL, NHL, MLB).  So what this tells me is we don't have a snow cone's shot in hell to pull off a BE championship.  Also, i'm guessing we're probably the underdog in the Syracuse game.