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Game Day Links (or what to read while suing Twitter over fake accounts) Three Louisville freshmen named to Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American Team (Congrats to OF Ryan Wright and pitchers Derek Self and Tony Zych)

Mike Hughes of Inside The Ville previews the UL/Cal State Fullerton matchup on

Quotes from a very detailed scouting report by Aaron Fitt:

On CS Fullerton:
"You've got to punish their pitching. For me, the way you beat them is you've got to pound their pitching and get into their bullpen."

On Louisville:
"They're not going to be more talented than Fullerton, but they're going to play very hard.
...You look at them, you don't say, 'That's an Omaha team,' but when they're confident like they are now, I could see them pulling off an upset."

Mark Saxon at the Orange County Register details CS Fullerton's swagger

Reminder: If you can't cash in your penny stock shares to buy a last minute plane ticket to SoCal, you can listen in on local WNDA 1570 AM or watch it on ESPN's networks, as Mike already posted below.