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Link-O-Rama: T-Will's Draft Process

T-Will has been an avid Twitterer (a member of the Twitterati?  A fast-twitch fast-Twit? Just T-Witt?) updating his draft status in a very unique style.  At any rate, here are some of the links he has provided in the last few days, along with some other info about his draft status and the draft process as we move day-by-day closer to T-Will becoming T-Willionaire.


WARRIORS: 2009 Draft Interviews - Terrence Williams
Following Session 3 of the Warriors multi-team pre-draft workout, Louisville forward Terrence Williams was interviewed by after being chosen by the fans in an online poll.

Terrence Williams on Being a Point-Forward and the Airplane Market -- NBA FanHouse
FanHouse's Matt Steinmetz attended the big NBA draft work-out in Oakland, Calif., on Monday and Tuesday. Louisville guard prospect Terrence Williams

T-Will's Nike Haul

T-Will's Upcoming Schedule
"Talk about hectic"

Terrence Williams’ Twitter-ish transcript: "I would love to be here" | Talking Points

YouTube - Terrence Williams Draft Combine Interview

The Woelfel World of Sports | Bucks Redd makes big impression on draft prospect
The last word goes to Louisville Terrance Williams who, when asked what his natural position was, said: "I think like a point guard, but I have the size like a 3. So I guess I'm a 2.''


I'm going to miss that guy.  I guess at this point I hope he goes to the Bulls so we'll get a chance to see him.  Have you ever seen a Golden State Warriors or Sac Kings game on TV?  I haven't, at least since the Jason Williams / Chris Webber Kings captured America's hearts in 2000.

Best of luck to you, T-Will!