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Rick Pitino types stuff

In the midst of what has likely been the most peculiar offseason of his coaching career, Rick Pitino took to the Internet today to answer some pressing - basketball-related - questions.

Here's a teaser:

Starting five for next year?


  1. Edgar Sosa at the point. He will have a banner senior year. It takes certain players longer to mature than others.
  2. Jerry Smith - We need him in shape ready to play and lead. Mr. Consistent will also have a terrific senior year.
  3. ?? Your guess is as good as anyone.
    1. Reggie Delk must develop a more dedicated work ethic. Great person. Has to make the gym and weight room his second home.
    2. Jared Swopshire. MDP on the team (Most Dedicated Player). Has an unbelievable work ethic. Will battle for time at both three and four.
  4. Samardo Samuels- People would be surprised at how good a face up shooter he is   from seventeen feet. Trying out for Jamaican National team.
  5. Terrence Jennings- The sky’s the limit to how good he can be. With a Swopshire work ethic -- look out. Let’s hope he develops that desire.

Peyton Siva - Will see plenty of action as a freshman.


Preston Knowles - Is the best sixth man in the country (Ed. Note: boner).


Mike Marra - Must get stronger and quicker, but his jumper and range are outstanding.


Rakeem Buckles - “Rock” – Reminds me of Otis George. Will need time to mature physically. But has the desire to become a good player.


Stephen Van Treese - Tough young man who will not back down from contact of the BIG EAST.  We will work hard to develop his low post game.


Kyle Kuric - Great in the weight room. Just has to work on his ball handling and spend more time in the gym. But he has the potential to be a very effective player.


George Goode - Helped us last year. Terrific person who has a difficult time with his conditioning. We have to monitor his diet to get his body fat under eight.


Hmmm, "Rock Buckles." It's about a 50/50 split between porn name and action name. Either way, welcome to the club my man.