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Pitino probably not interested in the Kings job...probably

After a nearly eight-month absence, wireless Internet has made a triumphant return to Card Chronicle Headquarters. I'm writing this with my feet propped up on a table and a blank television screen about five feet in front of me.

Interesting fact: the Rachel McAdams character from State of Play is based on me. Will I help lead Russell Crowe and solid, honest journalism back into the light? No, no I won't.

Anyhow, Rick Pitino's reported interest in the Sacramento Kings' head coaching job remains the big story in the Ville this morning. But is it even really a story?

Not according to Kenny Klein, who told ESPN's Andy Katz bluntly: "He's not going to the Sacramento Kings."

But what does a statement like that really mean?

Rick Bozich points out that the Sacramento job is not an enticing one for somebody like Pitino, but he also notes the solid track record of Yahoo (I'm done with the exclamation point) reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, whose reputation would lead one to believe that he wouldn't float something like this if he didn't know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there was some truth to it.

Again, who knows? Although I do highly recommend checking out drhustle's forecast.