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No truth to latest Pitino rumors

Today's Internet chatter has (apparently, I've been too waist-deep in stuff so un-fun you don't even wanna know to notice) been dominated by rumors of an imminent Rick Pitino departure. Some have said he's hanging it up, some have said he's announcing a return to the NBA at a press conference tomorrow, and none have said that he's leaving to head a snorkeling program on the island of Ni'ihau.

All untrue. At least according to The Courier-Journal's C.L. Brown.

Despite the message board rumors that seem to be picking up steam, U of L men's basketball coach Rick Pitino is not resigning.

I just spoke with U of L sports information director Kenny Klein, who added he has been bombarded with emails asking the same thing, and he said no press conference had been scheduled for tomorrow or anytime soon.

Klein said he spoke with Pitino, who is in Florida, earlier today and Pitino actually joked to tell C-J columnist Rick Bozich that he'd be "stuck with him" for a while to come.

Bozich to Ni'ihau: you heard it here first.