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NBA Draft Update: Clark and T-Will Both In Top 15?

With the NBA Draft a month away, Earl Clark and Terrence Williams have both been busy traveling the country interviewing for their first job out of college.  This is the first in what I hope will be a regular update, some analysis (even though all I know about the NBA I have learned from ESPN’s Sports Guy and watching the playoffs) and updated links as the draft approaches.

 We’ll start with NBA Draft Express, which has Clark going 14th to the Suns and T-Will going 16th to the Bulls. 

 The current Suns team would seem to be a bad fit for Clark, unless they try to go seven-seconds-or-less again like they did under Mike D’Antoni.  Clark would probably thrive in that sort of offense, where he could slash and get to the hoop against bigger guys and shoot over smaller guys.  Big East play (with a minimum of 3 guys in the lane and the not-that-much-blood-no-foul rules) was not Clark’s game, so Clark should thrive on an up-tempo team with the wide-open spacing of the NBA.  If the Suns try that again, then that may work for Clark.  I have recurring nightmares about Jeff Adrian shutting him down, so if Clark doesn’t get stronger, it would seem like the 3 would be a better spot for him in the NBA. 

I’m less familiar with the Bulls.  I guess T-Will will be a 3 in the NBA, although if he develops his shot as most expect him to, he could be a physically dominating 2.  With Ben Gordon as a free agent, it would seem the Bulls would need a scorer to replace him if they don’t want to or think they can re-sign him.  The Bulls already have a T-Will type player in John Salmons, who I just discovered was a 1st round pick back in 2002, which for some reason surprised me.  Anyway, Chicago is a big market, and T-Will is a big market guy.  I would be happy for him if this is where he ended up, and I think he could make an impact right away on a young team like this, especially with someone like Derrick Rose to get the ball to him. 

 Finally, I don’t always read Twitter, but when I do, I prefer to follow T-Will.   Stay under 140 characters, my friends.