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Allow myself... introduce myself.  Using a 12-year-old Austin Power's reference.  Nice start! 

I'm CardsFan922, and I am honored to have been offered a spot on the author's roster, which I immediately accepted.  The pay is decent, the hours are grueling and I'm sure if I weren't married I would be using this new gig as a decent convo starter. 

I'll be the first to admit I'm not up to speed on the Cardinal Nine, so I will be doing what I can on that front. 

I only ask, and I think I speak for my fellow co-authors, that the readers don't judge us compared to Mike, aka, The Godfather (Doc, Hot Hot and I will figure out privately who is Frank the Tank, Beanie, and Dean Pritchard).  Few have such an equal passion for UofL sports, a well-crafted sentence and well-crafted sentences about taking off one's pants as Mike. 

So thanks to Mike for giving me this opportunity.  Hopefully the upcoming CWS run and the NBA draft will help us get initiated so that by the time football practice starts in August, we're a well-oiled machine.  A well-oiled, pantless, Preston Knowles-loving machine.