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Quick intro

The view from my awesome seats in Freedom hall
The view from my awesome seats in Freedom hall

Hey there Cards fans.  I'm one of your new co-authors (read co-slackers) and have been contributing to this wonderful site for a while now.  My name is Greg Luerman and i've lived in the 'ville my entire life (except for 4 years of undergrad in Buckeye country).  I'm in the last year of my Ph.D candidacy in the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the UL school of medicine (Shameless plug: if anybody knows of a good post-doctorate job in the biotech/pharma/intel industry, let me know). I'm also a volunteer firefighter at Lyndon Fire and Rescue, and yes I am a football and basketball season ticket holder and avid follower of all things UofL. 

Dry sarcasm is usually my comedic forté, so stay on your toes. My major grammatical gaffes include the overuse of parentheses (for my asides (which you will see too often)) and the misplacement, of, commas.  Apparently I took too many science courses and not enough english in high school and college.

Finally I'd like to thank Mike for bringing CC up to the standards he has worked hard to establish and I hope that us newbies can proudly bear the flag of the Card Chronicle Nation.