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What to watch for tonight

The weather is awesome, it's Louisville football, you're allowed to drink, you're allowed to yell, let's do it.

1. The quarterback battle

It's apparently Froman v. Burke at this point, but the relative lack of enthusiasm over either leads me to believe that Wolfe and Stoudt still have more than a puncher's chance if they perform well tonight and step things up in a big way when fall camp starts.

This is a difficult situation for the offensive staff, because if you're going with Froman you basically have to decide now in order to re-work the offense so that it's conducive to a run-first quarterback. If it's Burke, then you probably still work in some special plays for Froman, but you don't have to completely revamp things.

It will be quite interesting to see how this plays out.

2. Darius Ashley

He's got the same buzz Vic had 12 months ago, now it's time to see whether or not he can come close to living up to it in the manner that Anderson did. If he does and Bilal Powell doesn't look like he's made big strides in the offseason, then it could mean even more of a reduced role for my man.

3. The offensive line

Louisville's offensive front five has been a positive even in these last two years, but replacing Eric Wood and George Bussey might be the biggest hurdle the unit has had to overcome in quite some time. With the quarterback being live, how well or poorly the o-line is playing should be easily apparent.

4. Josh Chichester

With Scott Long not participating, tonight is a wonderful opportunity for Josh Chichester to show he's ready to be a lethal deep threat. Doug Beaumont is still likely to have more balls thrown his way than any other Cardinal wideout, but there's no doubt that Chichester will get at least a couple of opportunities to make some plays downfield.

5. The secondary

They didn't exactly end the season on a high point, and they're still without Johnny Patrick, but here's hoping the unit gives us a reason to be optimistic.

6. The placekickers

Field goal kicking took a titanic dip in the post-Arthur Carmody world, so someone drilling a couple from more than 30-yards out tonight would be nice.

7. Organization

The U of L football team has appeared discombobulated throughout the Steve Kragthorpe era, so seeing players consistently lined up in the right spots and knowing how to run the play in question has the potential to be the most positive thing to come out of this evening.