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Louisville 103, Arizona 64

I'm off to Indy in a very short while, so let's do this quick and play ten thoughts:

1. This was an even more dominating performance than the Stanford and Oklahoma thrashings of the past two seasons, and this one took place in the Sweet 16. Just unreal.

2. Of the seven teams remaining outside of us, I don't think there's anyone I'd rather play than Michigan State. No disrespect to the Spartans, it's just that the Regional Final field is insanely strong this year.

If Louisville keeps the battle of the boards close tomorrow, they win.

3. "Scott to Swop" is now forever etched in the folklore of Louisville basketball.

I love this picture.


4. At least Kyle Kuric had about 1.5 seconds of pure joy before looking to the bench and thinking, "oh...shit." There's no question about who celebrated the least in the locker room.

5. I believe that was the best game Edgar Sosa has played as a Louisville Cardinal. Let's go ahead and have him interview his teammates before every game.

6. Terrence Jennings and Samardo Samuels are not impressed with Jordan Hill's NBA buzz.

7. Jerry Smith's two one-handed crams and three-point proficiency was impressive, but his Batman-esque leap to the top step after one of Swop's dunk in the second half was my favorite Jerry-related play of the game.


8. This was as hard and as enthusiastic as I've ever seen Earl Clark play. He does that for three more games...crazy thoughts.

9. Twenty-nine assists, 14-of-29 from three, 13-of-14 from the free-throw line, everybody on the team scoring: pick your favorite statistic.

10. Three down.