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T-Will gets some NYT love

Why not?


There goes Williams again, doing all the things that make him Terrence Williams the character. He jumped on a press table, impersonating Syracuse’s Eric Devendorf for his teammates. He shook the television announcers’ hands at the conclusion of another victory.

He entertains reporters, saying he saw “Tweety birds” when he took a forearm to the face, and boasting about the 55 text messages he had waiting after Louisville won the Big East.

“He always keeps us upbeat,” Clark said. “He’s just that cool, funny guy that’s going to make you laugh.”

He does all of this with a purpose, of course, not just to amuse or draw attention.

“Every great team has a good leader,” the freshman Samardo Samuels said. “His teammates feed off his energy. Terrence, the energy that guy plays with, you have no choice but to play hard. That’s what he’s got over everybody.”