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Louisville 62, Marquette 58

I'm not sure if it was the Sunday noon tip, the retro jerseys or the fact that I was battling the most intense case of the spins in recorded history, but yesterday's game felt weird.

There was never a point where I felt like we were performing particularly well, but there was also never a moment where I felt like the game was in jeopardy. We were going to win, I was going to go back to bed, it was just a matter of getting to that point.

Still, it's impossible to breeze over the victory like it wasn't a big deal. We could lose both games this week and finish the season with the same conference record we were thrilled with a year ago, in a season where the consensus is that the conference is much tougher. Of course we could also win both, finish a ridiculous 16-2, and possibly be the unquestioned champion of the nation's toughest league.

It could be a fun week, but it wouldn't have been possible without a W on Sunday.

I loved the throwback unis. I think this is the first time we've ever done something like this, and it was quite cool.

Wouldn't mind a throwback '86 postseason.

Terrence Williams has the official Card Chronicle green light from outside, something I know he's been anxiously awaiting word on.

Just how significantly his shot has improved over the course of just a couple of months is one of the most amazing aspects of this season. He's getting a lot of national love right now, every word deserved.

I am not looking forward to saying goodbye.

But the day belonged to the far less heralded and gregarious senior. There's no way Louisville wins this game without Andre McGee's defense and outside shooting...and dunking.


McGee doesn't get anywhere near the respect he deserves (Bill Raftery made a comment about how he hadn't played much until this season, completely neglecting the fact that he's been at least a partial starter each of the past four years), and his game is such that he probably won't get a fair shake even if this team's season ends in Detroit. But those who have tailed this team's every move since November know just how valuable the senior is. His leadership blends perfectly with T-Will's, he makes opposing floor generals feel like quitting every second he's on the floor, and he's capable of hitting a big shot or making a big play with the ball when the game's on the line. 

More than anything though, he just wants to win. There's never a concern that not starting or being taken out of the game is going to negatively affect his psyche or effort level. Andre McGee is a man, and he'll have a lot to do with anything and everything this team is able to accomplish in the coming weeks.


I am not looking forward to saying goodbye.

Your eyes did not deceive you, that was indeed Bad Edgar on the floor Sunday afternoon. His body language was bad and he made several terrible decisions, but that three he hit out of the corner with the shot clock winding down was enormous.

No need to panic, I say, most people who successfully quit smoking have at least one relapse before fully getting over the hump.

The kid will be fine.

Preston Knowles is human, or at least partially Will Smith in I, Robot...which I saw in the theater...and am still still kind of embarrassed about.

It wasn't Preston's day offensively, but he made a big bucket at the end of the game that saved us the misery of clanking more free-throws, and snatched a huge offensive board off of Samardo's second miss from the stripe.

I'm pretty sure I said "shoot it" every single time he touched the ball.

I'm far from Jerel McNeal's biggest fan, but that was kind of hard to watch. We really didn't defend him particularly well, he just had one of those days where nothing goes right.

Conversely, Lazar Hayward had a terrific day, and that still didn't keep him from dropping the f bomb on one of our fans.

I miss Crean.

With the rivalry becoming increasingly one-sided, Buzz really needs to chuck his giant water bottle at Sean Moth or something to keep the heat up. That's just the first idea I came up with, you brainstorm and the do what you feel, big man.

Almost Dunking Marques Maybin would beat the '96 Kentucky Wildcats by Rupp.

Player who looked the best in his retro jersey: McGee.

Player who looked the worst in his retro jersey: Jared Swopshire.

It just hasn't been his month.

How much would it have sucked to have gotten to the game late and been decked out in red or black? It's like going to a Catholic school and totally forgetting it was a jeans day. There's really no way to save face, you just have to grin and bear it.

Was Verne Lundquist high? Sure, Raftery's a funny guy, but laughing that much in a two-hour span is a recipe for a heart attack. I do love how he continues to completely ignore the name pronunciation guide. In the spirit of Juan "Palashus," Jerel McNean mysteriously became Jerel Mack-Neal for 40 minutes. Whatever, it's cheeky and I enjoy it.

Senior Night against the Gonzo's in two days, possibly playing for a Big East title in prime time in five days, and the opening round of the Big East Tournament in eight days.

I'm too excited to sleep.

Go Cards.