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NCAA Tournament upset guide

Some really interesting stuff from Sportsline:

-All 15 seeds that have beaten a 2 seed (4 times) won exactly 9 out of their last 10 games.

Teams that apply:Morgan State (vs Oklahoma) 

-14 seeds that score over 76.5 PPG have won 33% of games against 3 seeds, but 14 seeds that score under 76.5 PPG win 3% of those games.

Teams that apply: North Dakota St. (vs Kansas) is the only 14 seed that scores over 76.5PPG

-13 seeds that get between 53-67 percent of their scoring from forwards and centers have won 50% of games against 4 seeds.

Teams that apply: Cleveland St. (vs Wake) and Akron (vs Gonzaga)

-12 seeds that have been to the tournament the previous year are 15-14 against 5 seeds. 

Teams that apply: Western Kentucky (vs Illinois), Arizona (vs Utah), and Wisconsin (vs Florida St.) fit that category.

-11 seeds that score over 74.7PPG and win by over 6PPG are 19-16 against 6 seeds. All other 11 seeds are 11-50.

Teams that apply: NONE

-8 seeds who went to the tournament the previous year are 31-25 while those that didn’t are 13-27.

Teams that apply: BYU (vs Texas A&M)


-Only 3 9-seeds have made the Sweet 16 since 1985. They are 3-49 in 2nd round games, the last win came in 2004 when UAB beat Kentucky.

-If a 12 seed wins in the first round, they are also more likely to win in the 2nd round too, going 16-15 since 1985. But 13-seeds are only 4-16 in the 2nd round.

-7 seeds are only 18-42 in 2nd round games since 1985, but 10 seeds are 18-18. Point being, a 10-seed is more likely to beat a 2 seed than a 7 seed is.