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Big East Tournament live blog: 5) Marquette vs. 13) St. John's

The ESPN studio just flashed the St. Louis/La Salle score as 52-52 at the end of the second half and Digger Phelps asked whether or not it was a final.

It's March baby.

Depaul did its part and made today's opener more entertaining than most of us expected it to be. Here's hoping the Johnnies can do the same thing.

2:33 - No Big East Tourney jingle this year, just a highlight montage and a guy talking about the past and survival. I give it a meh.

2:44 - Marquette up 7-1. This is pretty gross.

2:46 - You guys are not drawing me in at all. I'm very "aware" that I'm watching two struggling teams playing in the second round of the Big East Tournament.

2:49 - Lou Carnesecca and John Wooden should have been twins.

2:50 - Quick question: where the hell are the Guiness St. Patrick's Day commercials this year? It's getting a little late in the game.

2:56 - It's 11-4 Marquette at the under 12.

I'm not even going to try and pretend like I'ven been focusing.

3:01 - Jerel McNeal still believes Jerel McNeal has never committed a foul. He's been whistled for two but Buzz is leaving him on the floor. Golden Eagles by seven, 13-6.

3:03 - According to Len Elmore, St. John's just "made out a little bit." I don't know how I missed that.

3:04 - Every time I hear the name "Jimmy Butler" I think of Jimmy from Seinfeld. Jimmy's got moves, Jimmy can dunk, JIMMY'S DOWN.

3:05 - David "Please Pronounce My First Name Daveed" Cubillan proves that he's still on the team by hitting a wild shot to make it 17-8.

3:08 - Someone wearing red please make a shot. Matthews buries a deep three and it's 22-8.

I'm not having fun.

3:13 - ESPN just showed a clip of Dom James trying to stay composed during a press conference this week. Pretty hard to watch.

3:17 - I'm eating my own hand.

3:19 - Seventeen minutes played, two St. John's shots made.

3:21 - Marquette is on a 14-0 run that I'm pretty sure has spanned two hours and forty-five minutes. Golden Eagles173, St. John's 8 as we mercifully near the end of the first half.

3:24 - According to the story on the C-J's home page, Efejuku Weyinmi scored 23 points for Providence this afternoon. I think they may have gotten the backwards names.

3:30 - History! St. John's sets the Big East Tournament record for least points in a half, shattering the previous mark of 14.

It's Marquette, 38-10 after 20 minutes.

3:50 - Golden Eagles, 40-14. If the dog hadn't barked I would have been out for a while.

4:00 - In case you were wondering, it's 47-18, Marquette.

I can't do this much longer.

4:04 - Jim Burr sucks at his job.

4:14 - Marquette's up 31 if anyone cares...I don't.

4:50 - Marquette wins 74-45. True story: I fell asleep.

Here's hoping the evening session provides a step up in entertainment.