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Quick weekend thoughts

We're too far removed from Saturday and too near the start of the Big East Tournament to do a full wrap on the West Virginia game, so let's just brush up on the main details.

1. My favorite part of Saturday was Jerry Smith jumping on T-Will's back as they headed into the locker room. Williams was pissed, Jerry knew he was pissed, and he still couldn't help himself.

The man was also a bit clutch down the stretch

2. Edgar Sosa made a handful of poor decisions with the ball, but his three to make it 51-48 and his three-point play to put us up four were two of the biggest plays of the game.

3. Having the benefit of knowing that we ultimately won the game, I'm almost glad that T-Will struggled so mightily from the line down the stretch. The man knows full well that he had a chance to put the Big East title on ice and didn't do it, and he'll bust his ass to make sure something like that never happens again.

4. Poor Alex Ruoff. No one's had a night of celebration turn so sour so quickly since Carrie.

5. If the picture below isn't your computer's background, you, my friend, have some serious issues to address.


6. I know it's a little late in the season to make any drastic strategic changes, but I would rather go small when Earl comes out of the game than bring in Swop (god love him). The man is simply trying to avoid screwing up at this point, and that puts us at a 4-on-5 offensive disadvantage whenever he's on the floor.

7. Preston Knowles.

8. This team played 18 games in one of the deepest conferences in recent memory and won 16 of them. A truly remarkable achievement that will sadly go largely overlooked due to the feverish pace of college basketball in March.

9. I know it's been said many times before, but it's unbelievable how much Terrence Jennings has improved since the beginning of the season. Who would have thunk he'd play this large a role in everything this team has been able to accomplish?

10. With so many Big East teams losing so much next season, it's concievable that West Virginia - with all its young talent - could be where we are 12 months from now.

11. Dick Vitale is annoying and often mistaken.

12. I love this team.