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Halfway home Big East awards

Today marks the unofficial - unofficial as in I'm calling it unofficial - midway point of the Big East season.

On a day of such unofficial splendor, I thought it was only fitting that we hand out some halfway home Big East awards.

Player of the Half Year: Luke Harangody, Notre Dame

It'd be hard to give this award to a guy on a 3-7 team if it were phrased "Most Valuable Player," but it isn't, and 'Gody's stats are up fairly significantly from a year in which he ran away with the award. I still think the race here is wide open, but as of right now Bad Hair-on-Gody is still my pick.

Coach of the Half Year: Buzz Williams, Marquette

Should be unanimous

Freshman of the Half Year: Mike Rosario, Rutgers

Really a toss-up between Rosario and Greg Monroe at this point, and even though I noted the difference between "Player of the Year" and "Most Valuable Player" earlier, I have to admit that I would be leaning towards Monroe if Georgetown hadn't struggled so much recently.

First Team All-Big East Half Year

Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut
Terrence Williams, Louisville
Jerel McNeal, Marquette
DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh

Second Team All-Big East Half Year

Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall
Wesley Matthews, Marquette
Sam Young, Pittsburgh
Jonny Flynn, Syracuse
Da'Sean Butler, West Virginia

Third Team All-Big East Half Year

Deonta Vaughn, Cincinnati
Earl Clark, Louisville
Jeff Adrien, Connecticut
Dante Cunningham, Villanova
Dominique Jones, South Florida

Damn, there are a lot of good players in this league.

Feel free to toss out your midway awards in the comments section.