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What to watch: 2/4/09


Iowa at Indiana (6:30 p.m./Big Ten Network)

Six thirty, eh? I guess the common thought here is to go ahead and get this thing over with as quickly as possible.

West Virginia at Syracuse (7 p.m./ESPN)

A big game for a team appearing poised for the bubble, and a big game for another team trying to solidify the fact that it isn't poised for the bubble.

Boston College at Virginia (7 p.m./ESPNU)

Exactly the type of game Tyrese Rice and company has to have.

Houston at Central Florida (7 p.m./CBS College Sports)

Let's try and keep the head stomping to a minimum.

Northeastern at William & Mary (CSS/ESPN FullCourt)

The CAA front-runners can't afford a slip up on the road against a lesser opponent.

VCU at UNC-Wilmington (7 p.m./MASN/ESPN FullCourt)

The Seahawks have fallen off significantly since earning a nine seed in the Big Dance just three seasons ago.

Wake Forest at Miami (Fla.) (7:30 p.m./ESPN2)

The first of an enormous three-game stretch for Frank Haith and the Hurricanes.

Utah at TCU (7:30 p.m/The Mountain)

With the standings so jumbled at the halfway point, the Mountain West Tournament figures to be one of the most entertaining in the land come mid-March.

Tennessee at Arkansas (8 p.m./Raycom/FS South)

Two of the SEC's 12 average to below average teams do battle play.

Villanova at Providence (8 p.m./MSG/ESPN FullCourt)

A huge, huge game for the Keno's NCAA Tourney hopes.

Minnesota at Michigan State (8:30 p.m./Big Ten Network)

Besides Indiana being awful, can anyone tell me what the hell is going on in this conference?

Memphis at SMU (9 p.m./CBS College Sports)

CBS College Sports is abnormally large on the C-USA, apparently.

Missouri at Texas (9:30 p.m./ESPN2)

A win tonight would actually leave the Tigers with a stronger resume than the 'Horns.

Nebraska at Colorado (10 p.m./FS Midwest/ESPN FullCourt)

A day after Thanksgiving and two days after Groundhog Day tradition.

USC at UCLA (10:30 p.m./FSN)

This one will probably be worth staying up for if you have the luxury.