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Happy 18-year-olds making decisions they may or may not regret for the rest of their lives day

So far, I'm told, there have been zero surprises. Everyone who was supposed to sign has signed, and everyone U of L thought they might have an outside shot at signing has signed elsewhere.

The following players have signed a letter of intent to play football at the University of Louisville:

Damian Copeland
Zed Evans
Joe Evinger
Sean Farr
Adam Froman
Isaac Geffard
Jacob Geffard
Tim High
Shenard Holton
"Champ" Lee
Boogie McCray
Horace Miller
Malcolm Mitchell
Preston Pace
Roy Philon
Mike Privott
Andrell Smith
Hakeem Smith
Hunter Stout
Malcolm Tatum
Titus Teague
Joseph Townsend
Jeremy Wright

Jody Demling's blog is the spot to be for more info.

Also, signing day probably isn't the best time for bad recruiting buzz, so if you're wanting to remain optimistic you probably shouldn't click here.