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Edgar Sosa could care more for Kentucky fans

I doubt that anyone on either side of the rivalry is surprised. It is what it is.

From John Clay's blog.

On a related note, one thing I've seen that I would like to address: the number of Kentucky fans on message boards who are claiming that they wish the series with Louisville would end because the Cardinals "are irrelevant" and because "Kentucky has nothing to gain."


This is from Sports Illustrated...a month ago.

Yet for all the excitement among Wildcats fans, there is only one game they really want to talk about. On Jan. 2 Kentucky will play Louisville at Rupp Arena. Or, as it's seen in the commonwealth, Calipari will meet Pitino. "I've been to 20 cities in the state of Kentucky," Calipari says. "I've been everywhere. And all I can tell you is: That is a big game. In Hazard I said to a crowd, 'If we lose to Louisville by 15 and still win the national title, will you be all right?' And there are people who said, 'No, it won't be all right!'"

Couple that with DeMarcus Cousins saying on Tuesday that he has people telling him on Facebook that they don't care if UK loses every other game for the rest of the year as long as they beat Louisville and it becomes painfully clear that this rivalry is so far off the Cats' radar that they really shouldn't even worry about it.

When's the last time Louisville was good enough to beat Kentucky anyway?